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Our solution allows you to streamline your human resources management. We will challenge and inspire you!

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Metrilio - e-HR software for companies
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Make your life easier

Solutions for all your HR needs

Explore our functional scope and the possibility to offer a fully integrated solution

  1. Employee Master Data

    • Centralize HR data management with our all-in-one, integrable, and customizable solution, thereby simplifying administrative and communication processes.
  2. HR Tools & Information Libraries

    • Optimize HR management and documentation with our flexible tools, allowing for efficient organization of job descriptions, skills, and documents while providing complete visibility over equipment and tools
  3. My Personal profile

    • Give your employees full access to their personal profile: job description, resume, documents, tools, and equipment, continually update your skills, evaluations…
  4. Pre- & Onboarding

    • Facilitate the integration of new employees with our structured pre- and onboarding process, allowing for a smooth transition and regular evaluations to ensure successful adaptation.
  5. Progression, Performance & Recognition

    • Maximize your employees’ progression, performance, and recognition with our integrated solution. Continuous coaching, regular evaluations, annual goals, and personalized development plans for optimal career management
  6. Retention, Succession and Talent Review

    • Optimize retention, succession, and talent review with our all-in-one solution. Use the 9-box matrix to assess performance and potential, identify critical positions, and plan successors. Ensure proactive talent management and business continuity.
  7. Training & Learning

    • Facilitate learning with our comprehensive solution: request, validation, planning, participation, evaluation. Manage the training catalog according to profiles, plan sessions, and track certifications. Integrate e-learning applications for an optimal experience.
  8. Offboarding

    • Simplify departures with our Offboarding solution: remediation plan, exit interview, notifications, and tool retrieval.
  9. Feedback & other

    • Examples of other processes that we have already specifically set up for our clients: request for career reduction, satisfaction survey, career orientation, growth conversation
    • Continuous Feedback & Coaching
    • 180° and 360° assessments


A unique, fully customizable HR SaaS solution

Metrilio reinvents HR management with simplicity, security, and customization.

implémentation RH Metrilio


Smooth implementation, intuitive and easy to use. No training required.


Gestion RH sans risque


No risks, we create and you validate your application before you sign a contract.

Adaptation continue RH Metrilio

Continuous adaptation

Real-time modifications to support your changing needs at low cost.

logiciel RH multi


Use our application in your own language. More than 20 languages ​​already available

solution RH au meilleur rapport qualité/prix

Best value for money

The best value for money on the market. Probably the most effective HR solution.

logiciel RH Metrilio


GDPR compliant. Simple and secure connection via SSO authentication.


Satisfied customers are what make us happy!

We provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs.

  • "Metrilio’s proactive approach saved us a lot of trouble"
    In a very short space of time, they set up a tailor-made application covering virtually all our communication, information sharing and archiving needs. This enabled our managers to concentrate on the interviews rather than on administrative matters. Metrilio's very proactive approach saved us a lot of trouble during the launch of the application. I can recommend Metrilio as a reliable partner with whom we will be working in a long-term partnership.
    Geert Aelbrecht

    DRH Group - BESIX
  • "I’m in charge of an HR department and I’ve been using Métrilio for 6 years."
    For me, it's the ideal tool because it brings together 4 important HR components:
    employee data,
    job descriptions
    and training.
    It's a practical and powerful reporting tool. Reports can be extracted quickly and are tailor-made.
    Tailor-made" is a quality I appreciate with Metrilio. I'm impressed by Metrilio's customizability, and by the speed with which the service provider reacts.
    The tool's intuitive interface makes it easy and pleasant to use.
    Benoît Vidal
    Head of Recruitment & Integration - Commune de Jette
  • "We see working with Metrilio as a true partnership"
    The partnership between ISS and Metrilio goes back several years. We use the tool for both our global and local performance cycle processes. This is true for both blue- and white-collar workers, which also reflects the tool's user-friendliness. In addition to the performance cycle, our integration cycles are also on the platform. We experience working with Metrilio as a true partnership in which they quickly provide us with the right support. What's more, Metrilio is a good sounding board when it comes to simplifying or optimizing processes.
    Muriel Van Antwerpen

    People & Culture Director - ISS Facility Services

Let's create your e-HR solution

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