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Federal Learning Account

Innovation in Professional Training through the FLA

The launch of the Federal Learning Account (FLA) by the Belgian government represents a significant advance in the centralized management of employee training rights. Since April 1, 2024, the FLA has become a cornerstone for companies in Belgium, which have until December 1 to align with these new guidelines and provide the government with information about the training their employees have undergone since January 1.

This initiative requires employers to update the training hours – both formal and informal – followed by their employees on the FLA platform, while employees will benefit from transparent access to their training credits for the current year.

Metrilio and the Federal Learning Account: A Turnkey Solution

Actively participating in the FLA pilot project, Metrilio, with 15 years of expertise in human resources software management, offers an out-of-the-box solution specifically tailored to match the FLA. This solution is based on three fundamental pillars:

1 - Daily collection and recording of trainings attended by your employees 2 - Real-time interface with the government’s FLA platform 3 - Ongoing declarations and updates of your data on the FLA platform

Metrilio is also certified by the ONSS to handle your FLA declarations, completely freeing you from administrative management, whether for one or multiple legal entities.

With Metrilio, updating and transferring data to the Federal Learning Account are already operational and automated! If you would like more information on how Metrilio can assist you starting today, we invite you to make an appointment.

Federal learning account on Metrilio
Transition to the FLA standard

Comply with the FLA using Metrilio

With Metrilio, the FLA and its legal deadlines will no longer be a worry for you!
We are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to ensure compliance and a smooth transition to the FLA.