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About Metrilio

Metrilio is the flexible partner for large companies wishing to streamline their human resources management. Thanks to our PC-based software, you can easily optimize your HR management.

A tailor-made HR solution for your company

Our fully customizable solution covers all HR processes, with the exception of payroll, which is the domain of social secretariats. With Metrilio, you benefit from comprehensive software tailored to your company’s specific needs.

  • Vacancy management,
  • integration of new employees (onboarding),
  • skills development,
  • performance evaluation,
  • and much more.

Recognized HR expertise

Founded in 2011 by Benoit, Kristof and Jan, our team has over 20 years’ experience in HR innovation. We are proud to count major players such as the municipality of Anderlecht, renowned law firms, banks like KBC and hospitals among our customers.

We work closely with the public sector, because of the specific regulations that require them to implement a number of HR processes. Our solution is particularly well suited to meeting these requirements.

Your international HR solution

Deployed in 75 countries and available in 20 languages, our solution supports multinational companies and their subsidiaries worldwide. With Metrilio, you can offer your teams a high-performance HR tool, wherever they are.

Agility for your success

Our strength? Our abilitay to adapt quickly to your changing needs. Thanks to our dedicated development team, we carry out tailor-made developments to ensure that our solution is always in line with market expectations, your company’s challenges and your way of working. In this way, we position ourselves as a flexible, adaptable alternative to our competitors.

We mainly target companies with 150 or more employees, to meet their primary need: automating employee appraisal and follow-up processes.

Ready to revolutionize your HR management? With Metrilio, you can benefit from a powerful, flexible and scalable HR solution, for simplified, high-performance management of your human resources. Contact us today to find out how our software can help you meet all your HR challenges.


Let's create your e-HR solution

Share your project with us and we will create a free prototype of your application with no commitment required on your part.